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Waiheke Arborist & Tree Care Ltd provide a range of services to help with your tree care and landscaping requirements these include:


Tree Felling

There are several occasions when trees will need to be felled; when a tree is dying, becomes dangerous or has become too large for the space it was intended. Our qualified team have the experience and equipment to safely remove all types of trees even those in confined spaces.

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Tree Dismantling in Confined Spaces

Tree dismantling in confined spaces is a specialist job and should only be undertaken by a qualified Arborist with a ton of experience. The lead arborist has over 20 years’ experience in this field and together with his team knows how to safely dismantle a tree in the toughest of locations.

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Tree Pruning

To keep trees in the best health and shape regular pruning is advisable. Trees can die, become diseased, get crossed or torn branches and become dangerous to your family or property. By applying good pruning techniques you can minimise the risk of this happening and keep your trees/shrubs in the best possible shape and appearance. Pruning can also provide many other benefits to your property and landscape such as increased light, more space and a better view.

Range of pruning services include:
Fine Pruning – removing small limbs to improve the trees health and appearance.

Standard Pruning – involves more branch removal and heavy pruning, usually done to improve the tree’s branch structure and appearance.

Hazard Trimming – removing deadwood, hanging or torn branches, decayed and dangerous branches or branches interfering with power-lines that may pose a safety risk.

Crown Reduction Trimming – usually involves the removal of major branches and is generally done when there is storm damage, interference to power lines and or dieback.

Crown raising – removing lower branches to raise the tree’s canopy, gaining light vision and height under tree. Creating clear-wood for mill-able timber.

Crown thinning – removing selected branches through-out the tree’s canopy to gain light view and airflow. Generally, no more than 25% of tree’s canopy.

View shaft – Another option is to create a view shaft, removing certain branches obscuring a part of your view, so you can see through the tree. With some trees you may be able to do 2 or 3 view shafts.

Hedge trimming – we can do regular trimming to keep your hedges in top shape – maintaining your view and privacy.

Power-line clearance – we are trained and certified to clear power-lines on Waiheke Island. It is the house owner’s responsibility to maintain their trees if they are in close proximity to power-lines.
Pruning around power-lines can be very dangerous without insulated tools and equipment and a good knowledge of how to do the required job safety. Electricity doesn’t make mistakes, it will take that path to earth 100% of the time. Call the professionals at Waiheke Arborist & Tree Care to book your area in, and work with your neighbours to reduce power interruptions with the next big storm .

Fruit tree pruning – generally to gain light and airflow, reducing branches to flowering buds to promote a good yield of fruit, thinning, removing crossing branches and epicormic growth.

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Chipping and Mulching

In order to leave your property clean and tidy, chipping and mulching is carried out with most jobs. This involves chipping the limbs and branches and removing any brushes. If there is large waste that needs to be removed from the site; this can be done at a competitive price.

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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding refers to the removal of stumps that are usually left as a result of tree felling. Stumps can take years to rot away and therefore cause problems for property owners with lawn mowing or garden plans. Waiheke Arborist & Tree Care have the latest tools to efficiently and safely remove unwanted stumps so you can maximise your landscape.

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Power Line Clearance

Removal of trees or branches around power lines is a dangerous job and should only be done by a certified and qualified Arborist. Waiheke Arborist & Tree Care are trained and certified to clear power-lines on Waiheke Island and have the safety tools and equipment to do the job safely.

It is the house owner’s responsibility to maintain their trees if they are in close proximity to power-lines so if you have concerns about trees or branches near a power line contact a member of our team today.

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Spraying and Weed Control

Weed control helps promote successful planting and good initial growth. Trees planted in thick grass or weeds will struggle to remain alive. Therefore it’s essential that weeds are kept under control if you are wanting your plants to thrive.

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Auckland Council Tree Consents

Many trees (generally native and heritage trees) on Waiheke Island will require an approved resource consent from Auckland Council before any pruning or removal work can be undertaken. If you are unsure whether you require a consent or how to start the application process Waiheke Arborist & Tree Care Ltd can advise and manage the resource consent process on your behalf. All you need to do is contact a member of our friendly team for more assistance.

For more information on tree consents please visit the Auckland Council website:
Auckland Council Website
Resource Consent Forms

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Firewood Sales

A wide selection of firewood and kindling is on offer (Pine, Macrocarpa and Hardwood) to keep you warm during the colder months. Firewood can either be collected from the business premises or delivered to you for a small charge. Waiheke Arborist & Tree Care is a WINZ supplier and the only one on the Island. Therefore please call today if you qualify for WINZ support this winter. Please note all firewood sales require cash on or before delivery.

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Mulch Sales

Using Mulch can improve the health of your trees, it insulates the soil helping to provide a buffer from heat and cold temperatures. It also retains water which helps to keep the roots moist, particularly helpful on Waiheke over the summer months when water can be scarce. It also provides a good barrier to weeds and helps prevent root competition, which can only be a good thing! Waiheke Arborist & Tree Care provide good quality wood chipping mulch which provides the added advantage of having no weeds. So call today and get mulching! Please note all mulch sales require cash on or before delivery.

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Equipment Hire

With a range of equipment available for hire with an experienced operator Waiheke Arborist & Tree Care has the tools and expertise to help with your tree and landscaping requirements. If you are interested in any of the following equipment for hire don’t hesitate to call today for a competitive quote.

 Equipment for hire
 Cherry Picker
 Wood Splitter
 Small barge (useful for large deliveries)

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